Terms & conditions

General terms and conditions
Article 1 – Web shop

GSH Retail B.V. is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and pays its legal contributions to the Tax Authority. You can find our CoC and VAT number on the website. You can also find our contact information there.

GSH Retail B.V. is endowed with an SLL Certificate. This means we meet all legal requirements regarding the security of personal and payment information. We strive to continually improve the safety of your information. In the event of misuse by hackers, we will file a report with the police.

We never provide your personal information to third parties. If we wish to provide your personal information to third parties, we will always ask you for permission first.

Since June 5, 2012, our web shop has been obligated to ask your permission for the use of certain cookies. You can read more about this in our Cookie Policy.

We are obliged to file a report with the police in the event of possible suspicion of misuse or fraud.

GSH Retail B.V. has taken out a professional liability insurance to protect itself from any wrongful liability claimed by a customer.

We strive to provide you with an excellent service at all times. If you have any doubts about the purchase of a product, our employees are happy to help you.

You can register for our newsletter. This will keep you informed of our special offers.

Article 2 – Right of withdrawal

For 14 days upon the purchase, you have a right of withdrawal for a certain product. Should you be unsatisfied about the product within this period, then you can return the product to us and you do not need to pay for the product. You do pay for returning the product in question, including the already paid shipment costs. You will receive a credit invoice and the amount paid by you will be refunded to your bank account.

Products returned to us should come in their original packaging.

Article 3 – The agreement

The agreement between GSH Retail B.V. and customer is definitive once the customer has indicated to agree with the general terms and conditions and once he authorized GSH Retail B.V. to debit the money from his account or once the customer has fulfilled the payment via iDEAL or credit card. Once the right of withdrawal of 14 days has expired and the payment has been received by GSH Retail B.V., the customer has become owner of the product in question.

The agreement was entered into electronically, by filling in the required fields and by agreeing to the general terms and conditions.

Once you have made a purchase, we will send you a written confirmation of your purchase by e-mail. This lists the product you purchased, the purchasing price and where to go with any complaints and comments.

We are obligated to deliver the product or article to you within 30 days. Should any unforeseen circumstance result in the article not being in stock within this period, then we will inform you of this in writing. Once these 30 days have passed, it is possible for you to have the paid purchase price refunded. When paid by credit card, the card is only charged at the moment of delivery. This is a case of retrospective payment.
Article 4 – The price
The prices listed on our web shop always include VAT. The cost that must be paid for shipping the product becomes visible when you have added the product to your shopping cart.

Misuse or fraud is punished and filed with the institutions that should be informed of this. We will also file a report with the police.

The price listed with the product on the web shop cannot change during your purchase. You pay the amount that can be seen with the product and which is also confirmed for you, should you electronically enter the purchase. This lists the purchase price again.

When purchasing a product during a period with no special offer, you are not retrospectively eligible for a discount.
Article 5 – Delivery
Delivery occurs as long as stocks last.

As part of the rules of the remote purchase, GSH Retail B.V. will fulfill orders at most within 30 days. In the case that this is not possible (due to the ordered not being in stock or is no longer available), or if there is another reason for a delay, or if an order cannot be or only be partially fulfilled, the consumer will be notified of this within 1 month of placing the order and he is in that case entitled to cancel the order free of charge and without notice of default.

GSH Retail B.V. will have complied to the delivery obligation once the items delivered by GSH Retail B.V. have been offered to the customer once. For delivery at home, the report of the carrier, containing the refusal of acceptance, serves as full proof of the offer of delivery.

All terms listed on the internet website are indicative. As such, no rights can be derived from the named terms.
Article 6 – Complaints and warranty
Complaints surrounding the delivery should first be brought to our attention via e-mail or telephone. Our employees are happy to sort things out. We will then contact the carrier in question regarding the delivery of the product. Naturally, our carries do their utmost to deliver the product to your home free of damage.

Complaints are commonly processed by us within 14 days. This processing always occurs online. We strive to provide you with an excellent service at all times.

A warranty applies to each product we deliver to you. The length of this warranty is fully dependent on the product. Most products offer a warranty of one year. Should this term deviate, then you can read this in the written confirmation offered to you by us with the product you purchased, as well as on the invoice that you receive by e-mail. Consumables and usage products, such as hand-outs, can only be provided a limited warranty. Should you discover a shortcoming or defect in one of our articles, we kindly request you to inform us of this within 48 hours of delivery.

In the case that the product breaks within the warranty period, we will reimburse the full purchase price. This does not apply in a case of intentional or conscious damage. We also kindly request you to contact your insurance company if damage occurs during the warranty term. It is possible to claim it with the household insurance. In both situations, no reimbursement can be made without receipt of purchase. After the warranty term expires, the full replacement value lapses in case of any payment for damages. Reimbursement will then take place on a current value basis. In the case that you agree to the general terms and conditions, we kindly request to indicate so by checking the box. Without checking the box, no agreement can be entered into. Of course, we sincerely hope you will thoroughly enjoy your purchase. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Article 7 – Information management

In the event that you place an order with GSH Retail B.V., your information will be included in the customer database of GSH Retail B.V. GSH Retail B.V. observes the Registration of Personal Data Act and will not provide your information to third parties. Please see our Privacy Policy.

GSH Retail B.V. respects the privacy of the users of the internet website and ensures a confidential treatment of personal information.

In some cases, GSH Retail B.V. makes use of a mailing list. Each mailing contains the information necessary to remove yourself from this list.
Article 8 – Images and specifications

All images; photos, drawings etc.; information regarding weights, sizes, colours, pictures of labels etc. on the web shop of GSH Retail B.V. are only an approximation, are indicative and cannot give rise to reimbursement or termination of the agreement.
Article 9 – Force Majeure

GSH Retail B.V. is not liable in the case that her commitments are not met due to force majeure.

Force majeure includes every external cause, as well as circumstance, which in all reasonableness should not be at the risk of GSH Retail B.V. Delays with or non-performance of our suppliers, malfunctions of the internet, malfunctions in the electricity, malfunctions in e-mail traffic and malfunctions or changes in technology supplied by third parties, transport possibilities, strikes, government policies, delays in supply, defaults by suppliers and/or manufacturers of GSH Retail B.V. as well as of assistants, illness of staff, shortcomings in auxiliary or transport services are explicitly cases of force majeure.

In the case of force majeure, GSH Retail B.V. reserves the right to suspend its obligations and is also entitled to fully or partially terminate the agreement or to claim that the content of the agreement is changed in such a way that fulfillment remains possible. GSH Retail B.V. is in no case held to payment of any fine or reimbursement.
In the case that GSH Retail B.V. has already partially fulfilled its obligations when force majeure strikes or can only partially fulfill its obligations, it is entitled to invoice the partial delivery or the deliverable separately and the purchaser is obliged to fulfill this invoice as if it were a separate agreement. This does not apply if the partial delivery or the deliverable has no individual value.
Article 10 – Liability

GSH Retail B.V. is not liable for damages caused to vehicles or other objects due to the wrongful use of the products. Read the instructions on the packaging before use.
Article 11 – Retention of title
Property of all goods sold and delivered to the purchaser by GSH Retail B.V. is retained by GSH Retail B.V. as long as the purchaser has not fulfilled the receivables of GSH Retail B.V. arising from the agreement or previous or later similar agreements; as long as the purchaser has not fulfilled the performed or to be performed activities resulting from this or a similar agreement; and as long as the purchaser has not fulfilled the receivables of GSH Retail B.V. due to a default in complying with such obligations, including receivables from fines, interest and expenses, as meant in article 3:92 Dutch Civil Code.
The goods delivered by GSH Retail B.V. which fall under the retention of title may only be resold as part of common business practice and may never be used as means of payment.
The purchaser is not entitled to pledge the goods falling under the retention of title nor to encumber it in any other way.
The purchaser hereby unconditionally and irrevocably gives permission to GSH Retail B.V. or a third party appointed by GSH Retail B.V., in all cases in which GSH Retail B.V. wishes to exercise its property rights, to enter those locations where its properties are located and to take such goods from there.
In the case that third parties seize goods falling under the retention of title or wish to establish or claim rights to such products, purchaser is obliged to inform GSH Retail B.V. of this as soon as can reasonably be expected.
The purchaser is obligated to insure the goods falling under the retention of title and to keep these insured against fire, explosion or water damages as well as theft and to give GSH Retail B.V. access to this policy upon first request.
Article 12 – Applicable law/authorized court

Dutch law is applicable to all agreements.
Conflicts of interest arising from an agreement between GSH Retail B.V. and a purchaser which cannot be solved in mutual consultation are reported to the authorized court within the district of Amsterdam, unless GSH Retail B.V. prefers to subject the conflict to the authorized court in the city of the purchaser, and with the exception of those conflicts that relate to the competence of the purchaser.
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Should you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy of GSH Retail B.V., please feel free to contact us. Our customer service will provide you if you need information about your personal information or if you want to change this. Should a change to our Privacy Policy be needed, then you can always find the most recent information on this page.