Cookie policy

Cookies are small text files or other technology which places information on your device when visiting a website. Both GSH Retail B.V. and other parties can place cookies. Cookies can be used to ensure that you do not repeatedly receive or need to enter the same information during a visit to our site. Cookies are not used to retrieve private information from your device or to retrieve passwords. Different kinds of cookies exist. The website lists an overview of the cookies used, of who placed the cookie (GSH Retail B.V. or a third party with a link to the website of the third party) and the purpose of the cookie in question. Most browsers can be configured in such a way that cookies are not accepted or that you will be informed when you receive a cookie. Although you can still visit the website as a visitor of the website, it is possible that, when cookies are not accepted, certain services of elements of the website will not function optimally.